Our Strengths

"WHAT you look for in the candidate is important. However, the candidate's quality is largely determined by the HOW and WHERE they are sourced and by WHOM."

Why companies use CEO Search & Services? There are a number of unique selling points about us, ranging from our recruitment method, our nature of set-up, our focus & leverage, to the number of years we have been in the business.

a) We have a well proven executive recruitment & search methodology, further refined and time-tested since 1989. Over the years, we have developed a well established & proven executive search methodology that produces results for our regular clients which consist of multi-national companies, large established local companies and government-linked bodies.
Jobseekers vs Passive Candidates:
The best candidates are too busy working to be looking for a job. Fortunately, most of our clients agree with us and value passive, employed candidates more than active job seekers.
Our expertise in carrying out a comprehensive referral research searches stems from our broad network of contacts, knowledge and good understanding of the industry and its human resources, as well as our market intelligence ability. This is backed by our computerised resource database compiled over many years, which has equipped us to systematically cover the marketplace to identify a select pool of candidates for our clients.

Pro-active recruitment is an art. A direct approach exercise with a wrong posture to a suitable candidate especially at senior management level, can have disastrous consequences. This candidate may be the best person for the job. At CEO Search & Services, we have made successful "direct approaches" our profession. Our clients' success depend on them.

A keen sense of judgment honed by years of interviewing is used in narrowing the list of candidates who must not only have the academic and experience, but also the "Can-Do", "Will-Do" and "Can-Fit" Factors.

b) When you work with us, you are working directly with a hands-on owner-consultant who has many years of hiring experience and with excellent localised industry and talent knowledge. There are many obvious advantages attached to this "direct access" approach .

c) Our sole specialisation is in recruitment. By involving ourselves in recruitment only and by intentionally limiting the number of clients in each major industry, ensures that we have a wider potential candidate pool for our clients.

Given that we are not involved in any other business consulting areas, we have less off-limit clients compared with other international firms offering more than one consulting line.

If you engage the services of larger search firms, you are unwittingly limiting your candidate pool of candidates. This is because firms with a large client base (including clients from other areas of consulting work) would not, for relationship reasons, be able to target candidates from their client companies.

d) Our "Across Industries" breadth, rather than narrowly specialised focus, and experience is often invaluable in providing new search angles for our clients.